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From the Computer of J. Millen

This story takes the form of a blog. It takes place before another story titled Dreams of Reality setting up the setting of a fictional weather disaster that takes place in the Salt Lake City, Utah that is the stage for the main story. This fictional event takes place in the year 2003.

The character that runs the blog is named J. Millen. He is a senior in High School, 18 years old, living on his own to finish school as the rest of his family has moved out of state. He mainly talks about various things going on, expressing his own opinions on various subjects.

Each link goes to a day's particular entry. Pages have the newest entry at the top, and old entries cycle out after being on there for seven days (meaning the later pages only hold a weeks worth).J. Millen sometimes doesn't update on Sundays, so there will be a couple Sundays where he didn't have an entry.